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Car tracking Mumbai invites you to become an authorized dealer distributer or reseller of GPS in any city of India.

In this segment, you can get all type of information on Overview of Car Tracking Mumbai, Equipment Up gradation in the company, Board of Directors.

The company is effectively required since 1973 in non-benefit action called vehicle tracking Services compapny. All our dealer of distributer regulatory workplaces all through the nation support and take an interest in huge number of welfare trainings and social causes.

Team Management

Our team is our most prominent resource and greatest differentiator. They are excited about works, and furthermore have faith in having a great deal of fun with work.

Conversely, that does not detract from the attention on work. Our employees are enthusiastic about conveying results to customers. He is eager and anxious for achievement, but then sensible and agreeable.

To put it plainly, Brinies are not just the sort of employees you would love to work with, yet they are also the general population you would need to associate with outside work. We urge you to accept each open door to collaborate with our team and witness the dynamic quality of the workplace face to face.

Our Team

brijesh mishra

Brijesh Mishra

sudheer mishra

Sudheer Mishra

vijay mishra

Vijay Mishra

Business Head